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Social Media Content Creation + Curation is designed to give you everything you need to upkeep a beautiful and engaging instagram feed that can be spread across all platforms such as Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. Amplify the status of your brand, increase your following, engagement and create a more trustworthy image. Have a more consistent and beautiful social media presence by having everything created, curated and scheduled for you. All you have to do is just press "post."

Content creation + Curation
Feed, Stories, & IGtv
Influencer relations



Branding is much more than just a logo, it is what your client feels when they think of your business. Many attributes reflect how a brand is portrayed - the business name, business card, logo, website, quality, products sold, colors, plus how you communicate and connect with your clients. Solid branding is the key to a successful business.

Logo Variations
Icon / Submark

Custom Color Palette & Fonts

Business Cards

Mood Board

Stationary: cards, letterhead, shopping bags, etc. 

Custom Brand Manual

Email Newsletter Template Design

Special Requests, etc


photography + video

Perhaps the most essential element of your branding will be the imagery you share. It's important to give your audience more opportunities to connect with you. Over time your audience will start to recognize your brand, your unique style, and authentic personality through the Images you choose to share with them. 

Small Social Shoots to ...
Big brand campaigns
Monthly / quarterly packages


Your brand is a living thing, it's a personality, a voice, a lifestyle and the online space that you provide for your audience's enjoyment.  

web design
art direction
graphic design
ad + layout design

It's not enough to simply launch a site or an instagram account and wait for "them" to come to you. Building market share for yourself takes a lot of work, and we happen to love it! Let us drive brand building initiatives your target audience will love, and keep coming back for more.

Event Marketing & public Relations